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In honor of a big birthday coming up, I’ve decided to celebrate by sharing my dream online program,

a do it in your own time

(with the support of a group of like minded, rebellious ladies ready to create their dream life)

with lots of goodies and bonuses kind of program.

You see, on Sunday, I’m turning 40! Which I’m thrilled about, and to celebrate I’d love to take you along with me in this glorious journey called LIVING LOVELY. I am truly living the life I have always dreamed of, one which I thought was no longer possible… either I felt too old, or too settled in my routine, or too late for that childish stuff like making art, having adventures, making music, falling wildly in love, and dancing all night… even doing something outrageous like moving across the world to a foreign country where I didn’t know many people or speak the language, with just a suitcase… alone.

But, I have. And I can show you how you can too… and you don’t have to leave home to do it.

It truly begins with a shift in you,
your outlook,
your perception of what is possible,
a reconnection to your true inner self who is just waiting to be given her voice and time to shine.

She’s still there. Let’s let her out to play.


Nicole Johnson

“I started to work with Tory after having my first child. I had no time for myself and I just couldn't put the pieces together to help me eat and live the way I used to love. And I'm a Health Coach!

Tory immediately set me at ease. She found out what my goals were and helped me fine tune what and when and HOW... I must confess, I called on her specifically because I have witnessed the incredible transformations she has facilitated for her clients. Tory has a very magical "spark." I believe that is the only way to say it.

She is warm and supportive, and can really bring you into new awareness with a simple question, or sometimes even a look. Among our circle of (health coach) friends, we have a song and a dance move called "Totally Tory" - we do this when she weaves her magical manifesting web, and blows our minds with her ease, simplicity and quiet giggle.

I would highly recommend Tory as a transformational coach for you if you are wanting to transform anything in your life. She's just that good, and wonderful to be around. To her clients she is a mentor, a coach, a support, and a true inspiration.”

Here’s how the course will look:

The Living Lovely Master Class

Week 1 Week 2
Dream It Create Space for it
utilize powerful tools to get clear on your grand desires creating physical space for your dreams to come true
Week 3 Week 4
Clearing Blocks Implementation Week
clearing emotional and mental barriers time to assimilate, heal, find support, and review
Week 5 Week 6
Plan & Receive it Celebrate It
craft your pathway to fully accept and enjoy your riches step forward to honor the incredible gift of your lovely life

For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that I am a master manifester.

I can think of things and they will show up in my life. In this Master Class I will give you the training to do just that for yourself. And give you the tools to be clear about what it is that you want, so you get what you desire.

You will be able to swing in to this new season with renewed vision, clarity, purpose and a big dose of confidence.

Living Lovely Master Class INCLUDES:

  • videos
  • worksheets
  • audio recordings
  • a weekly live group call with Tory, with time for questions, support, and personal guidance, recording available for those unable to attend
  • community online support
  • bonuses
  • lifetime access, meaning for the lifetime of the course as it runs again and again with updating and evolving materials.

You are in.



“Tory showed me how to truly nourish myself from the inside, how to live my truth, to acknowledge authentic moments of happiness, and more importantly to appreciate and embrace all of my other emotions. My goals multiplied as quickly as the changes occurred. My skin is clear and glowing, my digestion is perfect, I no longer crave sugar, I have a meditation practice, I exercise consistently, I uncovered and sought quality medical attention for a thyroid condition, I cook, dance and play, I have fulfilling quality relationships, I know how to set boundaries and how to say no, so on and so forth…

When I sat down with Tory for the first time, I wanted to lose 10 lbs. I didn’t realize what I would be gaining was my life. Thank you Tory for your support!!”


audio recordings
a weekly live group call
TWO 1 hour Focused 1:1 sessions*
Private Email Coaching during the 8 weeks**
Personal guidance, hand holding, and accountability. Your goals are priority #1
community online support
lifetime access
* via Skype
**6 weeks the program, plus 2 weeks after

Challenges? Let's see if I can help...

1. What if I’m travelling during the Master Class, or what if I will have limited access to internet one week?

Don’t worry, this is a go at your own pace program. You will have access to the material for the lifetime of the program, meaning as it continues to be offered, updated, and evolves through each time the course runs.

2. What if I’m unclear of my dreams or my direction in life?

Perfect, that’s what we’re here for. This Master Class is designed to bring clarity, focus, and bring back your ability to dream. You’re in the right place. You’ll be amazed at just how clear you really are.

3. What if I’m super busy with work, kids, family, school, etc…?

The weekly modules are crafted in bite sized chunks that you can fit in to your schedule as you can.

4. How long will it take each week?

You’ll likely spend about 2-3 hrs per week with the material. More or less depending on the time you want and have to give to it right now. As I have said, it will always be there for you. You’ll likely want to revisit this program again and again.


Melissa Brown

“Tory coached me through a very stuck time in my life. I was confused and overwhelmed in my personal and professional life and couldn't see my way. In each session she asked me tough, thought provoking questions and assigned me exercises and homework. What I got out of the sessions was CLARITY and FOCUS. I am so grateful for her support. I look at my notes from that time period and notice how much I've sorted out since. Tory has a gift for coaching. She is genuine, present, brave and curious- qualities that make her excellent at her job and an amazing human being.”

Melissa Brown, THRIVE Whole Living
Eren McKay

“Tory’s coaching was really valuable in helping me realize what my priorities really are. Talking things out with her gave me insights on the fact that I need to enforce healthy boundaries in order to reach the goals for myself and my family. My biggest a-ha moment was when she said I was not including myself in my priority list of people that I take care of and love.”

Still on the fence? Have a question before joining? Not quite sure if this is for you? No problem, send me an email and let’s see if this is the right fit!

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach I am a certified Holistic Health Coach

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki II Practitioner, entrepreneur, artist, and mentor.

Before leaving the corporate world, I worked as the Director of Service North America, for the world’s leading luxury lifestyle brand: Quintessentially. I managed and opened restaurants in New York for celebrity chefs and restaurateurs including Rocco DiSpirito, Masaharu Morimoto, Claude Troisgros, Laurent Tourondel, Jeffrey Chodorow, and Stephen Starr.

My artwork has been shown internationally. My artwork has been shown internationally.

My artwork has been shown internationally.

I have been an artist assistant for famed American Minimalist Sol Lewitt, and co-wrote/directed a play that was produced Off-Broadway. I have also been a member of a professional dance company, and taught dance to children. There was even a moment when I was a researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

I’m currently enjoying living my global lifestyle. I’m currently enjoying living my global lifestyle.

I’m currently working on new Video and Sound Art projects; and getting back into Photography, Painting and Drawing.

I’m slowly learning German, and finding creative ways to enjoy living my global lifestyle. But most of all I am passionate about helping you to find your pathways to freedom, to enable you to also live your life better than even your wildest dreams.


Guarantee. Since this is an online, digital program refunds are only available at the completion of Week 2. Give it an honest try. If you’re still not feeling it, you’ll get a full refund. No problem.